Amazon Empty Boxes!

So…like most I just use Amazon. It’s quick and convenient.


I order an Apple Watch yesterday.

Today it arrives!!! Woohoooo

Only the Apple box inside has been strategically sliced open. Yes I open and nothing is inside. Not the watch or the strap. Just the instructions, if to add injury.

Ok, silly me or unlucky me. I figure call them up, explain and get the actual item sent.

But no :-(

It’s been tracked, it’s been weighed both ends. Ooooo it clicks, I’ve stolen my own item clearly. They don’t trust that I’m not blind, that I haven’t somehow misplaced it and not said.

Short story, in order to believe me (their valued customer) I must report it to the police as a crime ( even although I didn’t pick the delivery method or check the item actually existed in the wear house).

Embarrassed and somewhat let down I call the police. They have clearly better things to do with their time/ more important things but customer service at Amazon demand it.

I explain. I apologise for wasting their time on an incompetent company that insists on this process. They give me a police incident report number.

Lol but it turns out it’s not enough. Amazon want a copy of the report. They won’t call or investigate, why when they have me to do it for them!

It’s such a joke.

Anyway my bank who were helpful suggest I follow the process but contact them again if Amazon fail to provide a refund in 15 days.

I’m not looking for help or advice. I just wanted others to know it happens.



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