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Hi ,
apologies its a very basic question but i am completely new to this .

just been made redundant-ring lots of alleged gov numbers /.visit websites and its all confusing to me.

very simply, i believe i can claim new style JSA (i have no idea of what new style compared to old style is )
then it talks of this univ credit stuff-is that the same or different-can i apply for both ?

seems to me that i need to sort the jsa thing out first and then possibly the univ credit.

i assume i need to register 'on line ' as unemployed which is fine-but all the gov sites -websites and tel nos seem to just go 'round the houses 'and you end up going nowhere and where you started .
better still-is there a tel no where you can speak to a live person as opposed to get referred to loads of 'links'all taking up time and  which take you nowhere.
i just want to get to the point in the shortest possible way .

hence-very very simply-can someone provide a direct link for i guess an online form where i register as unemployed and make a claim for jsa .

i.e. please keep it simple and basic -one thing at a time.

its all new and confusing to me

many thanks


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