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Does anyone offer a VERY basic method, cheap as possible (pre paid) I don’t even want a gathering, friends and family can meet up in a pub if they want. Just somebody to pick me up from home or hospital and take me away ? I am happy to donate my body/organs if that helps and would prefer an environmentally friendly method if available ? Thank you all …


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    You could donate your body to medical science but it depends where and how you die whether they can make use of it you would need to make prior arrangements with teaching institution. Simple cremation without a service etc is the cheapest option but might not be considered most enviromentally friendly. A natural burial is probably most enviromentally friendly most counties have areas where these can take place with biodegradable coffins etc. Again can be prepaid, you are probably best off looking for local funeral directors who offer legitimate pre paid plans and ensure that you leave clear written instructions with your paperwork. This post would gather more replies in the Death, Probate etc part of the forum.
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    Thank you so much gwynlas, good advice especially the correct forum comment (I thought that was where I posted, have done now) … good of you.
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