Will he be sanctioned?

Hi, My nephew is out of work and was told to attend a mandatory appointment recently however, the building was an intercom  key card type of thing and despite pressing various buttons and waving to the camera he was unable to gain access and nobody came out to help. Knowing about Jobcentre sanctions he panicked and immediately rushed down to the Jobcentre to ask their advice. 
They told him to sit in the waiting area whilst they investigate then the guy returned saying if they won't answer the door i suggest go home and wait for either us or the provider to get in touch.
He suffers with badly with anxiety is worrying himself sick thinking this will just be a failed to show up sanction despite what the Jobcentre man said, as a single person he told he would get the full sanction hit as he has no children.
Maybe I'm naïve but i don't think he should be sanction having attended the building (on camera) but he claims the fact he did not get inside the building will cost him.
Anybody know how this sort of thing works and what are his chances!  

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    Unfortunately no one can answer your question as only the decision maker involved will be able to make that decision.
    What I would recommend is that your son clearly and concisely outlines what happened, exactly as you have here, and then at least the decision maker has his side of the story when considering all of the evidence. He should do that on his journal, or on the todo if the work coach has set one asking for him to provide reasons for failing to attend the appointment. Keep it concise and factual.
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    In my experience the system is very quick to pounce on things like this so he is likely to be sanctioned so prepare for the worst in regard to UC and Jobcentres.
    I am currently sanctioned and waiting for mandatory reconsideration only after that can i appeal my case.
    Tell him not to get worried as this is just a vicious unforgiving system and he must be confident and fight back especially if you are correct.
    Not sure if he had a number for the scheme but i would of phoned them whilst at the door although going to the Job Centre means he will be on CCTV anyway but i doubt they will go to those lengths to check. 
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