Signing up and not knowing.

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Bought an item on-line from Go Groopee (heavily discounted products.) Item was despatched without sufficient address, so Post Office returned it. After much chasing I was given a full refund. Nothing lost, nothing gained - or so I thought.
What I didn't know was that I had, inadvertently, signed up to be a member of a company called Complete Savings. This was in May 2022.
The only way I found out I was a member, was when I received an email, in October 2022, reminding me of the benefits of membership and that the monthly fee of £15 was due on 12 October 2022. A scam I thought. How can they take payment without my details. I decided to check anyway by going through my debit card and credit cards. I found that, since the original order I had placed with Groopee in May 2022, £15 had been deducted using the credit card details used to make the purchase from Go Groopie.
I immediately contacted Complete Savings from information in their email and cancelled membership. The cancelation was confirmed.
My wife and I tend to use our credit card for most of our purchases, which means a lengthy statement each month. No excuse. Should have checked.
How did I become a member of a company I had never heard of? How could they get my credit card details from another company? Why didn't Complete Savings inform me every month the fee was due? Looked up Complete Savings Review. Looks like I'm not the only one caught. I lost £75 and could have been a lot more. Some did lose a lot more. 
There are lessons here to be learned.


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    Who was the retailer? Go groopee are intermediary like Groupon. Complete savings is a cash back site with a £15 a month fee so it may of been in the small print somewhere that you were joining? 

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    This is quite a well known scam if that is not too strong a word - basically you will have had a box ticked somewhere signing you up to this but equally they will have done their utmost to make sure you couldn't easily see it whilst staying within the law

    you could go to your credit card and say that this was something that you didn't sign up to and they were not authorised to take the money and you want it refunded.
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    As I said on this thread - lots of threads about Complete Savings:
    Has anyone had any dealings with Complete Save??? — MoneySavingExpert Forum
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