Travel Insurance for myself when a relative has a terminal illness


I know someone with a terminal illness.  The official prognosis now is less than six months, but there is a massive uncertainty around this (could be weeks, but also could be years).  They are currently stable, but at some point there will be a rapid deterioration. I am thinking of booking a two-three week holiday with some friends for next summer.

I was wondering if it is possible to get cancellation insurance for myself and maybe my friends. 
I would want to cancel (or terminate the trip and travel home) if this person
- Died within (say) 2 weeks of the departure date or during the holiday, or
- The hospice advise me that death was imminent in the same timeframe 

My friends (who also know this person) alternatively might go even if I can't but want cancellation insurance against the funeral being during the holiday

This obviously isn't typical travel insurance because of the pre-existing condition, but the probability of cancellation is still fairly low so it feels like an insurable risk. When I try searching the web for ideas, all I can find is advice on travel insurance for a person with a terminal illness, not for a relative.

I've been on other holidays since this illness was diagnosed, taking the financial risk myself, but this one is slightly different because the planned holiday is very expensive, the friends would also be affected, and the holiday is likely to sell out if we don't book it fairly soon.  Other trips have been cheaper and more short notice.

Any tips?


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    What relation is the person with the terminal illness? For non-travellers cover is normally limited to immediate family (parents, spouse, siblings, kids).

    As you say, in principle nothing to stop such a policy to exist but as standard non-travelling people have to be related to the policyholder (so your friends couldnt cancel/certail even if you could) and you dont have the option to declare pre-existing conditions to attempt to cover them.

    You could try and find an old fashioned travel insurance broker if such a thing exists still but Travel has become one of the most commoditised products and so the average premium cannot support traditional broker commissions
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