HSBC - not returning credit balance on CC.

I had an HSBC Credit Card, but closed it in April and transferred to new provider.
It transpires I had paid for holiday accommodation deposit back in November 2021 on the HSBC Credit Card.

June 31st we were refunded by AirBnbB (due to substandard accommodation) onto the (closed) HSBC Credit Card. I was notified by postal statement on 31st July.

At the end of our holiday, the 16th of July, I phoned HSBC to confirm that the refund had gone into the closed account - but somehow I would be returned the balance.

Since then have had 2 other HSBC phone staff promise the return of the funds within a week - by cheque or direct to a new account.

During the phone call the HSBC representative said I should be patient - and that I should wait an unspecified time and not follow this up as they have tried 3 times to do so.

Where to go from here?


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