What to use surplus spuds for?



  • YoungBlueEyes
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    Can you freeze raw tatties? 

    Do you have a friendly neighbour who would freeze some for you, if you gave them some for the trouble? 
    Right, and what are you going to do about it?
  • annieb64
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    Will the freezer still be full in a couple of months? Can you store the potatoes  then freeze when you have room?
  • Si_Clist
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    Freezer will be full until maybe Easter.  That's why, as I said, freezing is out.  I think we're just about sorted now with the suggestions folk have kindly made - or we will be once I find out what a "lash" is ...  :)
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  • frugalmacdugal
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    edited 29 September 2022 at 6:19AM
    Si_Clist said:
    ... boil up a lash ...
    Sorry, but I have to ask - what on earth is a lash?
    a good quantity, or if referring to alcohol, over indulgence.
    Y'all take care now.
  • simonmcl
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    Donate the excess potatoes to either a food bank or an organisation who used food near its use by date to create meals for those who want them 
  • freyasmum
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    If you genuinely have far too many to store, why not consider an honesty box or food bank who accept fresh donations? You'd be no worse off than usual and people in need could be helped. Or is it Olio? The surplus food-sharing app. 

    Other than that, to add to the above, I'd have rosti/latke/fritters for breakfast with a poached egg. 

    I know you've said no freezer space, so this isn't for you but for anyone else who is perhaps limiting oven use - you can bake a batch of potatoes and then freeze them once cooled. Reheat them in the microwave when you're ready to eat them. You don't get the super crispy skin of a just baked potato, but it's still nicer than a solely microwaved potato. 
  • London_1
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    Have you neighbour you couls perhaps do a swap with as in the old barter system One of my friends I have has an allotment and for a fruit cake or two and also some bakeed cakes I get leeks ,spud and spare veg when she has a surplus I like baking and she doesn't but likes cake :) I can no longer garden easily (age and arthritic joints ) but we happily swap our skills 

    JackieO xx
  • joedenise
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    I had some potatoes which needed using up so have boiled them up and then mashed them.  They have now been  open frozen and bagged up so I've got ready mashed potato in the freezer to use later when I'm short of potatoes!

  • elsien
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    Potato dauphinois if the oven is on anyway? 
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  • Bogof_OAP
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    Make some potato cakes.  They are thin and wrapped individually could be slid into the tiniest little space in a freezer.
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