Curry's say I returned a different item to the one I returned - Not refunding.

I recently bought a £1200 gaming PC and sadly it arrived smashed. It was purchased through the clearance store on ebay however they wanted me to return it with dpd and I didn't open an ebay case to return as they gave me a date with dpd to sort it. A few days later I asked where my refund was and they stated they had received a dell laptop and not my PC. I provided them with the card that dpd left with me and photo evidence of the smashed PC but they are refusing to refund me and are waiting on the investigation with DPD to conclude. This 'investigation' has lasted 3 weeks thus far and they have zero interest in sorting it for me. If anyone could recommend the best next step for me to get my money back asap I would be eternally grateful! Should I charge back? Open an ebay dispute? Thanks in advance!


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    You need to await the result of the investigation.  I can't see the card company or eBay refunding whilst there's an ongoing investigation.
  • You only have 30 days from the actual delivery date, or if one is not available the last estimated date on the order, to open a return (often referred to as SNAD) with eBay so best to do this now. If that time has already past then eBay’s cover has expired.

    When I’ve had DPD pickups they put a tiny barcode on the parcel and then presumably label it later, what could go wrong…. 
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