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A few things I’m doing to save money

Will list and anyone else can join in with their suggestions and tips..
Here goes:
- stopped buying takeaway coffees and invested in a nespresso machine.  Have one each morning to start the day. Costs approximately 50p per pod and really decent coffee
- cut out takeaways completely - was doing this a couple of times a week. Not only affecting waistline also a waste of money as usually disappointing
- meals out reduced to a couple of times a month If that. This was once a week before. Average cost £30 a time.
- rarely go out to the pub. The risk is that I will end up buying a round which could be very expensive. May have 1-2 drinks at local sports club and I buy my own, poss once a week.
- decline invitations to most social events - the cost of taxis, drinks, presents and the possibility of buying a round means £££ could be blown in one night. Quite happy to stay in anyway.
- shower at the gym when possible. If there anyway it makes sense. 
- buying in bulk. Joined cash and carry to stock up on certain things which can be kept in the garage
- cancelled Netflix and apple music



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