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This is a feedback thread on pet insurance provider:


Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part:
  • Have you experienced problems?
  • How quick did they help?
  • Happy with the overall service/premium?

The feedback comes as part of the Cheap Pet Insurance guide.

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  • slup_2
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    These guys used to be good, but they're absolutely dismal at the moment. I've got a claim that's outstanding since the beginning of August for a trivial issue. Absolutely no communication from them.

    They completely ignore e-mail contact and are virtually impossible to get through to on the phone.

    They even ignored contact via Twitter which usually pokes companies into action.

    As things stand, right now, I would strongly advise against using them. Have never waited more than a few days for settlement from other providers in the past - really regret switching to them now.

    All well and good saving a few pennies, but when it comes to insurance, that's only any good if they actually deliver.
  • Penguin_
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    I haven't had any real issues with them, the last claim I submitted on the Monday morning & the payment was in my account by 4pm on the same day. I do find trying to contact them a bit of a pain however that said they always answer the phone....
  • Irving7
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    Insured two pedigrees - Savannah cats - through them 4-5 years ago, separately. They were kittens at the time I took out the policy, about half a year apart from each other, and both ~16 weeks of age: fixed for life (not something they do now), lifetime cover£7,000 towards vet bills, £69 excess, death cover etc. all for £16.90 p/m.

    They were great when they were called BoughtByMany a few years back. However, I've recently adopted another Savannah kitten who is now of ~the same age (just over 16 weeks old) as the other two when I took out a policy for them, and the quote is nothing like what I was expecting.

    In less than 5 years they have whacked up the price by around 100% (~£33 p/m regardless of multi-pet discount), for less cover, where what was included before, are now optional add-ons for x amount of £ more e.g. cover for death of a pet due to accident or injury), no fixed for life option etc.
    Three-or-so years ago when my cat was a kitten I would phone BoughtByMany regularly, and they would typically pick up the phone within two minutes. I haven't needed to phone them at all for the last 2+ years, but even here things have become a lot worse. It took me at least 15 minutes to get a response, and when I asked about their quotes the representative didn't seem at all bothered about me going elsewhere to insure my pet. 

    In every noticeable way they have changed for the worse and I recommend people insure their pets elsewhere.
  • FabApocalypse
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    I insured my rescue dog with ManyPets (who were BoughtByMany at the time) when he arrived in 2007. He is, unfortunately, a vet bill magnet and I've had to make a number of claims. In the beginning they were brilliant. All done online, no forms, and always paid out within a few days. Now... forget that. My last tiny claim went from November to March before payment, and they've yet to even review a claim submitted in March. I have a feeling their new underwriters are not quite what the old ones were. If they carry on like this, their 'direct to vet' payment service will die because vets won't wait as long as they're currently making everybody.
  • Lantana
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    Excellent company when it used to be  "Bought by Many". Claims were dealt with quickly. Since the name change to "Many Pets" ( and a new CEO it seems ) - the waiting time for claims to be processed can be a matter of months. Many disgruntled customers on TrustPilot, Google reviews and Twitter (X) .  I am personally waiting for a claim to be dealt with since June ( it is now September) and I read some are waiting even longer. 
  • Not much activity on this thread, but I’ve joined MSE just for the opportunity to post this feedback. Following on from the previous post from Lantana, I can only add that things seem to be getting worse. When I joined ManyPets (when still Bought By Many), their average TrustPilot reviews were in the 4.8 region. In the last year or two, that has dropped to 3.8 (at the time of writing). Since becoming ManyPets, the service has nosedived into oblivion. Check out their latest feedback on TrustPilot (sort by Recent, filter by 1 star) in which you will see that they are getting about five new one star reviews posted *per day*. And these are just the customers who know about TrustPilot, let alone those who don’t.

    They seem to have one person hired to respond to all the complaints - which is usually the same message about hiring 100 new claims handlers - but this level of service should surely be worthy of an investigation by the insurance ombudsman. I’m planning to start that process myself soon, as my claim for £95 has been ”in a queue” for five weeks. Some are saying they’ve been waiting for three months. 

    Diabolical service. Avoid or leave (if you can).
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