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weeds advise?

Check out below image, i am seeing this kind lot of weeds in my grass lawn. How to rid off for long term?


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    You need to improve the state of the grass so that it is healthy and thick.
    That is the way to stop a lot growing but you need to get rid of these. The best way is to dig them out. A pointy cheap kitchen knife run around the root (which is about 5" down and then grasp at the hard base of the leaves and gently pull. If it breaks the root will eventually grow again.

    There is also one of these which are cheap enough in small hardware shops. Makes it much easier.

    You can buy a weed and feed compound to spread on the lawn just before rain. Read the instructions on quantity first. It doesn't work as fast and costs more but it is an easier way to do it

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    I've got similar problems in mine. I have tried digging them out but my roots go a lot further down. One tip that I got was to cut the leaves off as low down as you can and then put about 1/4 tablespoon of salt on the remainder. I've been trying it, but can't really give any idea how effective it's been. I've still got the weeds, but they might be different ones.
  • Thanks for inputs. This weed problem spread many places, digging and taking out roots manually is not idle solution for me.
     Is there way to stop this weed through pesticide approach, buying from b&q, amazon etc?
  • Woolsery
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    Mix up a solution of glyphosate when it's a dry day and dab the centre of each rosette with it using a small paintbrush (1/2" in old money). Don't expect instant results as it's late in the season and glyphosate works slowly, but plants should die in a month or so. If you want to avoid spillage, add a bit of wallpaper paste to the solution to make it a gel.
  • sheramber
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    You can buy slective weedkiller for lawns. Will kill weeds but not he grass.
  • Weedol Lawn Weed Killer ConcentrateThis stuff is superb. Concentrate, you dilute it into a watering can or spray, lasts ages. Max 2 doses required. Last time I had to do a really bad lawn was a rental property - it looked like your pics. I treated it twice about 3 weeks apart and I wasn't back there for a few months - the lawn was 100% thick lush grass next visit, and still is 8 months later when I was there last week.
  • With all perennial weeds you have to kill the entire root system, with a systemic weedkiller, or you're not addressing the whole problem and it'll be there forever until you do that.

    As has already been mentioned, Glyphosate products are the best, several applications will be required when the area is as infested as this - so, this isn't going to be a quick-fix.

    See weed killing jobs, like this, as a long-term project and not something done in 2 or 3 months.
    Start the project now for a nice lawn/area next summer.
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    Weedol Lawn Weedkiller is systemic and the formulation isn't that far removed from the professional product I use  in my fields. It allows the user to apply the mix willy-nilly (from an ATV if they like) but doing that kills all the clover and wild flowers. That's not my aim, so I target just 3 weeds only using a backpack sprayer. Over the past 10 years my land has become species rich, but of course it's far from the sort of green desert that many people want for their back lawn.
    I'm not going further into any debate than that!

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    My lawn tends to revert to a very similar condition to that in the pic, mainly because it is adjacent to my untended wild-flower "meadow".  Weedol works well for me and I find that one treatment every three or four years achieves an acceptable balance between lawn and reversion to weedpatch (for the avoidance of doubt, I only treat the lawn, not the "meadow"!).  I must have bought the Weedol about twenty years ago, but use it so slowly that it will probably see me out!
  • Looks like you have the beginnings of an on trend wildflower meadow there! :)
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