Warranty problem with Ebay seller.

Hi all
I bought a blender and grinder pack from Ebay a couple of months ago. The grinder is now faulty. Return is not possible through Ebay and the seller just quotes Ebay 30 day rule at me. I thought electrical items had a 12 month warranty in the UK? Am I wrong?


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    Warranty is different to your consumer rights.  Was the seller a genuine retailer of the product ?
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    I would have thought that was the manufacturer's warranty, but I guess the seller would need to be approved as a seller by some distributor or manufacturer. The only other possiblity is that the seller was given a warranty when they bought the item which could then be passed on to you. You could only find that out by asking the seller how and when they bought the item.
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    They are a regular eBay business seller. Probably sell hundreds of these things.
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    sun-n-moon said:
    I thought electrical items had a 12 month warranty in the UK? Am I wrong?

    Your statutory rights are that the item conforms to the contract which would mean its of reasonable quality, free from defect etc relative to what it is and how much was paid for it. There is no formal set period when this ends but your right to take action ends after 6 years but that doesn't mean every type of item is expected to last 6 years. 

    As the item is under 6 months old then its assumed to have been faulty from the beginning unless the retailer can prove its reasonable wear & tear or its damage caused by your miss-use of the item. Its up to them if the repair, replace or refund though you can express a preference which they should consider unless one of the other options is materially cheaper for them.

    Warranties are above and beyond your statutory rights and can be as long/short as the giver of the warranty wants them to be and similarly can include lots of conditions, like only being valid if purchased from an authorised dealer etc.
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