Restart 3 Way Interview?

I have been told of a 3 way Interview in regard to the latest Jobcentre scheme with glossy brochures etc...
The advisor told me i they will help me overcome barriers to work however when i told her the barriers such as reference issues she said well just talk to them anyway.

I know about many failed schemes in the past and was hoping this might be less of a one size fits all approach and more tailored version but she mentioned the usual Interview techniques, Write a CV tasks which i have done a million times before.

Anyone heard of this and should i look out for any tricks involving sanctions etc, I don't mean to sound sceptical but JC schemes always seem like mine fields to me but i really hope this can help me move forward. 


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    If you show enough enthusiasm to work, an employer is going to overlook the lack of reference. There are jobs that hire people with criminal records, those who've come out of prison etc. 

    It seems that you're convinced it won't work for you and don't want to give it a go.

    I think a lot of jc schemes were designed specifically to be more painful than being at a menial dead end job. For those who have been on jobseekers for long term.
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    Unless you are being mandatory referred then there can be no sanctions, its not a three way interview its kind of like a handover/introduction call.

    The help can be a little generic but if you go into it with an open mind I am sure you will get something out of it.
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    Your probably right to be sceptical, If you google Restart Scheme success rate it says something about 93% not finding work so just an old recycled scheme with a new name on the tin.
    It lasts for twelve months and involves seeing a job coach every four weeks and will no doubt be scrapped the same as it's predecessors.
    I would go in and try with your own obstacles to employment in my mind, if they offer you something you don't need kindly explain you don't need it etc...
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    Contact your Work Coach asking them for SWAP (sector work based accademy programmes) opportunities that are available, before you are put on Restart.  Once you are on Restart you cannot take part in the SWAP's

    SWAP's are short courses that often have a guaranteed interview at the end and they may represent your best option to get into employment.

    Or you could find work quickly yourself.  Go to a recruitment agency that offers temporary  casual work. Build up a new track record of employment and you may end up in a permanent job.    Some  of the temp roles have the possibility of permanent work.
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