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Can anyone explain this please?  About 7.00 every morning as I'm making my first cuppa of the day I look at the smart meter readout which defaults to gas. At that time in the morning we're usually at 35 pence worth of gas used. Yesterday it read £1.37, we're only using gas for hot water at the moment and no settings had been changed to thermostats, timers etc. This morning at 7.30 it was reading 35 pence. Does anyone have an explanation?


  • The in-home display units for smart meters make things up as they go along a lot of the time because they don't get updated with new tariff information.

    As far as yours goes, though, that could just be that the water had needed a bit more heating yesterday morning.
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    Are you sure it's set to DHW only? My CH is set to 19C and it's been kicking in at around that time most mornings for the last few days.
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    Does the IHD add the standing charge on at a particular time of the day? Other than that hot water most likely.
  • Krakkkers said:
    Does the IHD add the standing charge on at a particular time of the day? Other than that hot water most likely.
    Most smart meters add the standing charge at the start of the day. That said, I was told by Octopus that some meters do it at the end of day. They were using this to try to explain why my IHD never adds the daily gas standing charge to the cost. As the BRIGHT App does calculate a reasonably accurate (reasonable in the sense that it uses a fixed calorific value) daily cost, I have given up on pursuing a fix.

    For gas, there is also the added complexity associated with the need for a gas proxy meter within the communications hub. This is needed to protect the battery life of the gas meter. The gas proxy meter takes a reading every 30 minutes from the meter and it does the sums to convert volume of gas used to kWh and cost. Information which it then ‘sends’ to the IHD.

  • PaulxWhite
    Thanks All
    With regard to hot water usage the reading now is £1.17 (at 11.30), that's two hours of hot water so that's still below the £1.37. The heating is switched off so regardless of thermostat settings that will not come on. Apart some gremlin in the system I suppose it could be the standing charge but I've never noticed a big jump before. I'll check with EDF and see if I can find when it's added.
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