Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme

Has anyone got any experience with the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme?

Friend had a bad reaction to Astra Zenica that caused his ME to relapse, so now he can't work more than a couple of hours a day, or do very much at all. We understand that you have to be more than 60% disabled by the vaccine to quality, based on DWP style assessment.

He had a letter saying that they were gathering medical evidence, but a lot of this stuff is related to his ME. There is no test for ME, or many of the symptoms. How can you measure how tired someone is, compared to how they were a couple of years ago?

Is there anything he should do to make sure that his medical records have all his symptoms listed? Some of them he hasn't told the GP about, because there is no treatment so it's pointless. He did list them in the application he made with my help. The letter didn't say anything about an in-person assessment either.

He doesn't get any benefits as his partner works full time, so hasn't has a DWP assessment or whatever they call it now.


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