Alternative living, off grid...Static, Camper, Boat?

Im seriously looking at getting out of conventional living, our rent/rates/energy totals will soon hit £7200+ per year, off grid is looking more attractive day by day

With a £10,000 budget i could JUST scrape a static caravan but annual site fees might be a problem

A campervan/motorhome needs insurance and MOT/Tax Unless very old or parked off road and SORN but there would still be rent to pay

Ive seen cabin cruisers but know nothing about mooring fees... (but at least i can swim)

Info would be appreciated 
Now we all know how it felt to play in the band on the Titanic...


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    Hi, I own and live on a boat in a marina - people think that living on a boat is cheap - it is not -  There is insurance, mooring fees, licence fees, fuel bills, ie gas, coal, logs, kindling, it all adds up - then there is the maintenance, boat blacking. BOAT stands for Bung On Another Thousand.  I have seen some boats on the canal and you think how the hell does that float, then every four years you will have to have the Boat Safety Certificate done if that doesn't pass you will have to have work done, if not no licence, or insurance and you will then not be able to keep the boat on the canal network as the CRT will have you big time. - I don't want to put you off =, however, there are things to think about.  It can be a great life and we thoroughly enjoy it - but please don't think it is a cheap or easy way of living because it isn't or should I say at times it isn't.   Hope that helps a little to help you decide as I notice no one else has commented. 

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    My Sister lives on a boat, it's absolutely not cheap. They have avoided mooring and marina costs and it's still not cheap.
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    Van living has crossed my mind for decades. If you were broke it would certainly be cheap. Getting a shower in a van would be drastic, such a van would likely cost more than £10k
    I have got used to living in my house, knowing the neighbours, walking the dog around the area. I would still like a van though. With electrics, fold away seats and a fold away bed. Maybe I could do that for £5k+
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    Omg a thread about "van life" thrilled and thanks @maxmycardagain

    Not sure where to start, our potted history, our current situation, our mse journey !!! 

    I suppose our current set up.....we went full time "van-lifers" on 9th August 2022, many reasons for it but maybe that's a later thing, the whys 

    Our set up is a 2014 twin axle coachman laser, whilst the van purchase was planned the coachman bit was an accident but an accident that is paying dividends now, build quality is everything when you are spending lots of time in it

    @maxmycardagain we spent a good month compiling a pros/cons on the MH vs caravan and felt that a motorhome would only be advantageous if we were stealth parking and moving daily. Not some thing we wanted, moving about....yes but on a fortnightly basis. You get more for your money with a caravan too, our coachman has full bathroom, fixed bed and full central heating for £20k, your 10k will get you a really nice Bailey at about 10 years old, if you opted for the MH it would be a 25 year old Talbert for your 10k, partly due to MH being trendy right now

    Ask away, any thing I can help with, working, sites, equipment, ampage etc! 

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