Autumn fruiting raspberries

Hi, does anyone know how soon after fruiting I can move autumn raspberries please?  They're still going strong at the moment, I'm getting nearly a punnet full every 2 or 3 days. I'm guessing I'd need to chop them down by at least half to be able to transplant them? I have a new greenhouse to build but the raspberries need to move first. I don't want to kill them off but I'm itching to get the greenhouse built so i can start a few winter bits growing! (Very impatient lol)
Thanks in advance.


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    You can cut them down any time but i guess you mean when they'll stop fruiting?
    Goodness knows. Following a thread I started i usually get some the whole summer!

    Currently the only problem moving them has been the drought. Now we're getting some moisture I'd say about now. But they will stop fruiting.

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