Cancel contreact with my3 when I do not have phone

About 10 years ago I opened a contract with "my3" for a  mobil phone for a lady friend because she had a bad financial record. Since the we have parted ( approx 6 years ago ).

Approx 2 years ago I thought that we had transferred the contact into her name, but i have just found out that the contact is still in my name but the address on contract is my ex. girl friend.  I have tried phoning "3" regarding this mater but they keep sending a code validatio code to the phone which I do not have and my ex is not answeering my calls to her.

I have sent a recored delivery letter to "3" asking if I could transfer contract to her name and if not how do I cancell contract ( I explain that I do not have the phone ) to date no reply.

What options are open to my to close this account ?



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    If the contract is past its minimum term (maximum 2 yrs on Three) and has not been upgraded/renewed since that term passed, you simply need to give 30 days notice to terminate the line. If there is still time left on the contract, ie its been renewed since the initial line was taken, you'd incur termination fees to end it early. In order to do a transfer of ownership both parties would need to consent. If she can't be bothered to answer your calls, I'd be inclined to get Three to just disconnect the line if it won't cost you fees. If it will, I'd ask them to update the address to yours and send a replacement SIM to you to keep safe and you can then terminate the line when the time suits you. As it stands, the line in in your name and any debts incurred are your responsibility. If you've not spoken in 6 yrs, I'd get it closed or at least the number on a SIM in your possession ASAP.

    If you are struggling to pass DPA with Three by telephone, my advise is you visit a 3 store with a driving license or passport and see if you can get some assistance that way. 

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