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When are you putting the heating on this year and what temperature and general heating advice

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We are going to wait for the first mention if a cold snap and I will spend a couple of hours with a cup of tea in front of the air source heat pump control panel.

For us we are just popping it down a degree this year to 20oC. We have a very efficient house and being ASHP the baseline of 20oC and 17-18oC overnight should yield some good energy saving over our first year here and me tinkering every other day before I was made aware of weather compensation curves.

The purpose of this thread is for people to share what they are going to do and hopefully help people cut back but not necessarily having to turn off their heating entirely as a base temperature or efficient schedule for this out of the house could save hundreds for those people that just think turning off central heating is the only option.


  • C225
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    Last year I had it as 20oC during the evening when i am in and then going down to 18 the rest of the time, This year i'm going down 2oC to 18oC in the evening and 16oC the rest of the time.

    I live myself in a 3 bed detached house, newish build with an EPC rating of B with gas central heating and last year my Gas usage was about 5000kWh which is already low so should get it down a bit more
  • SAC2334
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    last year I  switched my  CH on when my main lounge temperature gauge dropped to 14 c which was in late Sept last year. Its showing 19 c now at this moment 
    The temp gauge is probably not correct but its a good yardstick in that 14 c is too chilly for me . I will set the Combi boiler  for 18 c 

    Another forum member last year  said he would nt put it on till Nov so that is my target this year to last out till November . I prob won t manage it as lifes too short and  I have a fairly large bank balance and we are getting help  and the extra £300  OAP s are getting in November to the Winter Payment grant will go direct to my gas account .
  • mr_stripey
    I have a small house and seems to very well insulated. I'm not really a "cold" person so it would usually have to be below 16 before I put the heating on and even then, usually a half hour blast of the heating would be enough.

    Having said that it's not really the gas that bothers me, the electric is the bulk of my bill. 
    So maybe I can keep warm, but will have to sit in the dark! :smile:

  • ps2mint
    We have a combi boiler - currently got the heating set to 55 degrees and the water to 49 degrees. 

    Not sure that 55 degrees for the central heating will be enough to heat the rooms up?

    We will be setting our room thermostat at 17 degrees and we plan to put the heating on beginning of November.
  • JGB1955
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    Ours will come on automatically once the temperature drops below 19C during the day and 15C at night.
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  • artyboy
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    I'm going to aim for 19 and hope that's ok. We've got separate thermostats for the ground/first floor and the second floor so may do a bit of adjustment. Fortunately we're still on a good legacy fix but I really need to try and get the family into better habits and trained for what's to come in winter 2023...

    I'm hoping that the replacement front/back doors we had installed will make a difference, but also need to get the eaves cupboard doors insulated - they're just cheap hollow wooden things with big gaps all around, and if I had to guess, that's where a lot of heat loss will come from. 
  • annabanana82
    We put our heating on when it's cold enough so varies each year. 
    My husband puts the thermostat at 18 I do 19/20 when he's out, we have it on gir a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening then the occasional boost.

    I'll be making more use of my oodie and cosy socks.

    We have oil heating so our biggest expenditure is electric, hoping with eldest being at uni lack of gaming PC will bring our electric down and will use my soup maker and slow cooker far more than the electric cooker 
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    For the removal of any date I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek! 

    I have always been “careful” with my utility bills with turning lights off and avoiding standby modes in favour of a full power-down.  But having a further 12 months on my electric 2 year Scottish Power fix  has made me in a perverse way want to switch lights on simply to look at them and enjoy them whilst I can afford to.  Next August - ouch!”.

    We have our heating from oil and I’ve just had the tank filled to the top of the tank and we’ve got a double load of kiln dried wood being delivered for next week.  We’ve also given up on smokeless nuggets in favour of wood. 
  • mark_cycling00
    In my previous inner-city property it was always the weekend when BST ends.
    Out of the city seems to be a week or so earlier. 

    Can manage on 17 degrees so long as not too humid inside but think it is good to let your body adapt over a few weeks, so start off at 20degrees. 

    This year will use the "eco" setting on the boiler, have reduced the hot water temperature, and turn off the hot-water over night. 

    EPC of D. Not sure why. thick double-glazing everywhere, new insulated roof. 2.5ft thick walls...
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