'Amazing' prices ? Martsew.com.

Another ad for an air fryer popped up on a Facebook page at an amazing price of £32.61, (normally £200 or so}, and I wonder if anyone has had experience of Martsew.com?  Scrolling down the ad, there is a contact phone no and the URL is 'https' which I believe is secure,   I put the URL in the search bar rather than follow the link and these people appear to sell lots of different things.

This item appears to be a Ninja, but on the photos the 'a' on the machine is blurred out , the price is a really odd amount, which I have heard can be a red flag and nowhere in the text does it use the brand Ninja.  However, in some of the reviews people are referring to the Ninja brand.  The model may be a discontinued one perhaps as it is not all 'touch buttons'.

I am really in the market for one of these machines but my head is saying this is dodgy, what do you all think?  Has anyone had any personal experience of these ads?


  • TadleyBaggie
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    It looks dodgy because it is dodgy, just checking the complete contact details:

    Email: customer@beautifullyblacks.com

    Phone Number:916-533-2672

    There is no address and the phone number clearly isn't a UK one. Almost certainly a Chinese site, and if you ordered and actually received anything, there is no way it would be a genuine Ninja product.

  • TadleyBaggie said:    
    It looks dodgy because it is dodgy, just checking the complete contact details:

    Thank you.  Just as I thought really.                 

    You can just tell that I wanted someone to say, 'oh I have bought things from them and they are fine' can't you?  I guess I will just have to pay the full price?    Hey ho!

  • soolin
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    There's been an influx of these scams, I saw 2 yesterday from different companies on FB. They are littered with fake reviews that all look  reassuring, lots of people saying  'oh wow I thought this was a scam but I actually got my  air fryer this morning and am now ordering a second for my mum' plus the 'my air fryer is delayed, you said it would arrive in 7 days and It's now 8 days- the company replies it is at your Post office and then immediately the 'buyer' says oh yes it has just turned up'.  These comments are cut and pasted and used on every single dodgy selling post to make it look authentic.

    I suspect a lot of people are falling for this one.

    EDIT: just popped over to FB and there's one already this morning on my feed.

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    I have reported about 6 scam sites on FB where the laptop offered prices were ridiculously low. Now it seems these adverts have stopped.
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  • mobileron
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    Same here on Ninja air fryers not been stopped yet.
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