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Pension credit delays



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    chalkie99 said:
    antjos1 said:
    If you applied on-line you would have an email sent to you on what you had put on the on-line application form. 
    I sent mine on-line 2 June and I got an email the same day. 

    As stated in my post I did not apply online, I completed the form and posted it.

    The reason for this is that I do not have enough  years on my record and because of that online applications are not possible.

    I imagine that emails following online submissions are auto generated anyway.

    Any other replies appreciated.
            Chalkie - start your own thread, mate. 

                Don't jump onto other threads and then expect all subsequent replies to address your issue.  Most will be a response to the OP's situation not yours.
                It will also cause confusion for the OP.

        It's easy to start a new thread - if you can't understand how to - then just ask.

      If it's your thread you can throw in a comment such as 'Any other replies appreciated.'  As it's someone else's thread that's (IMO) rather presumptuous. 

     You say - "I do not have enough years on my record" .
     If you mean NI contributions - then this has nothing to do with PC.
    Here is info about PC eligibility:

    Are you perhaps talking about the new State Pension, but have confused things by posting your question on a Pension Credit thread ?

    I'm sure forumites will be able to offer more help if you start you own thread, and if you can us give full information in a clear manner. 
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