Registering a bare trust .Really appreciate some help.

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edited 30 August 2022 at 11:32AM in Savings & investments
 Two separate and  serious problems in my family's health this year have consumed most of my time and energy,so Im aware Im very last minute with registering.  .Partly I had to wait months  to get a trustee's disputed mental health assessment    ,  plus initially  I naively thought registering would take just  few minutes like it does with a new washing machine, so I didnt prioritise it enough . Now Ive only got a couple of days to do  trusts. for minors 
So far I have  sorted the first  Gov Gateway user ID  and password.   and I know I need to create a second one for the second registration.Each trust was originally directly  created by me the settler and  BGifford using their  Childrens saving plan ,and choosing  SMortgage IT to put into it, buying into it 3 separate times , and then later selling some of that  to buy  into  Impax Environmental markets fund and junior isas.I   remember  filling in a trust application and  trustees signing it etc but I dont seem to have a particular  trust deed or anything . Eventually it was taken over by HL. I dont know if you can stop and start on the registration  form  to search for help for  answers, so Im trying to round up  the info I need first . Very grateful for some help please. ps Ive read loads and nothing has helped answer the questions. 

Ive not tried to  start filling one in yet , but reading  up around it , it appears I have to name the trust . 

1) Will  eg.  the made up   ' Bare Trust for 'Miss Tilly Mint ' do ,   or is the original  'BG Savings Plan' its title ?

2  Its a bare trust.   Each  child had to submit  a personal tax  return to HMRC to pay a small amount of CGT  last year after  I sold some SMort.  ,it wasnt a trusts tax return , and I paid the tax for them ,    so  is the trust counted as a taxable trust  or a non taxable trust?  ie will I get a URN or  UTR back

3)  Bare trust can be Express or Implied . Im thinking Express  since (looking at google definition) ,   I  deliberately intended to create the trust ,  but  Im not sure how to find out  if thats correct ?

4)   someone said something in a post  on registation  about  having to choose to call themselves an organization   as there was no option for a private person .  I dont understand that or if I will  have to register as such in the given scenario above ?




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