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Ford Fiesta 2016 - part exchange or repair?

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LeightonP72LeightonP72 Forumite
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Local garage has determined poor compression in the third brake cylinder.  They estimate at least £1k to sort the problem which can't be precisely determined until they strip out the engine. A faulty exhaust valve is suspected.
The car only has only nearly 37,000 miles on the clock and has been a 'problem' car from the off with money spent on other things.
The MOT is due on 16/09 and with me working from home around 75% of the time, I am of the opinion that I need to offload the car for something else as the EML on is a failure on its own  and the MOT may throw up other things.
In terms of getting rid the garage suggested part exchange.
Any views/comments on any of this.


  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    Brake cylinder?
    Assuming it has an FSH with all the right dates, then, at only 37K miles in 6 years, I'd be asking Ford for a contribution to the repair cost, there is nothing to lose by trying.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • flashg67flashg67 Forumite
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    Presume you mean an engine cylinder. I don't think Ford 'goodwill' extends to 6 years, but no harm in asking if you have a full Ford service history. If not, I'd ask your garage to strip the engine far enough to confirm the fault - a 6 year old low mileage Fiesta is worth spending 1k on (in my opinion).

    Might be difficult to part ex with the EML on, although some dealers might take the chance it's an easy fix, but I'd expect some deduction
  • SteveJWSteveJW Forumite
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    A compression test and a cylinder leakage test should identify the problem without needing to strip the engine down
    A competent mechanic / garage should be able to carry to carry out the above in a couple of hours
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