Lidl Plus - benefits being watered down from September

Old Lidl plus scheme allowed £12 off over the month (and a free pastry) if you spent £200 in the month.  

At £50 spend = free pastry
At £100 spend = £2 off coupon
At £200 spend = £10 off coupon

We normally managed to spend at least £200 a month on food shopping and so would typically get back £12 each month.

From September:

The first two £50 and £100 levels have no change.

New is at £150 level you get a coupon for a free W8 cleaning product.
No £200 level. No £10 coupon.
New is a £250 level and if you hit that you get 10% off your next shop.

Seems very watered down to me and I think many will struggle to hit £250 spend from just Lidl over a month period.  The W8 cleaning sprays at currently 79p each so hardly a great offer for £150 spend.

Unless you are a big family, big Lidl only shopper, I think a £250 target is going to limit many from much of a benefit.  Just then getting 10% off the next shop would still be unlikely to put most in a better position than the old £10 off discount.


  • where_are_we
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    Lidl are changing their rewards for using the Lidl Plus App from September 1. They say they are adding a brand new coupon - once your monthly spend reaches £250 you will get 10% off your next shop (excluding alcohol). They are also adding a free W5 cleaning item once you reach £150 spend. Although they are keeping the £2 reward on £100 spend what they don`t tell you is they are finishing the £10 coupon plus for reaching a £200 spend. We manage to get to £200 just about each month which up to now seemed worth the trouble. Having to spend £50 more each month in order to get a smaller reward (unless we do a £100 "next" shop with no alcohol), together with not having items in stock eg no soya milk, means it`s time to say goodbye Lidl and do our shopping at Aldi.
  • Fionatritton
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    Yup, I switched to lidl - didn't shop in there before I realised about the lidl plus. I've been spending £200 a month there. 
    Wont be any more 
  • Clowance
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    I only shop in LIDL sporadically as I prefer aldi, so the total spend offers don't apply. But I have almost NEVER been tempted to go there specially for the % off vouchers, or even found them to be for things I would buy. Not impressed with LIDL plus.

  • patrick1
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    I’m very disappointed with this change. Have emailed their customer services people and told them that we will be switching to Aldi as the £10 reward was the main reason we went out of our way to go to Lidl.

    I’m sure they’ve costed this out to ensure far fewer people will benefit and profits will be considerably higher.
  • SuzeQStan
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    It’s a bad change - the only reason we made the swap to Lidl was the 6% off we accrued over the course of a monthly £200 spend. By removing the £10 cashback they have just blown up the main reason we shopped there.  Currently looking at maxing out other food shop offers - just did 1st Ocado shop with £20 off £60 spend & free delivery. Got a code for 2nd Ocado shop with £15 off £60 shop + free delivery. Haven’t done that one yet as am doing the Sainsbury £15 off £60 but the delivery was not free. Believe we will end up changing back to Asda as it’s our closest big store and the choice is better and we’ve never been happy with the quality of fruit and veg at Lidl anyway. 
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  • pumpkin89
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    I think it's optimistic to think you'll struggle to hit £250 - realistically, that is likely to mean buying the same things you used to pay £200 for.

    One option to make the most of the new scheme is to move all your non-perishable purchases to one big monthly shop and use the 10% off on that - if you spend over £100, you'll save more than before.  Then just top up with fresh products in between.
  • Savvy_Customer
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    Lidl have introduced a revised Lidl Plus offering from today.  

    The previous offering would give you vouchers at various spending milestones, including a £2 money off voucher once you had spent £100 in any qualifying month, and an additional £10 Money off voucher once you had spend £200 in any qualifying month, however this has now been changed.

    The new Lidl Plus offers the following:

    - Free Bakery Item after spending £50 (As per the previous Lidl Plus)
    - £2 off coupon after spending £100 (As per the previous Lidl Plus)
    - Free Product Coupon after spending £150 (New offering - no further details as to what products will be offered a free coupon for)
    - 10% off your next shop voucher after spending £250 (New offering)

    Based on the terms of the updated scheme, a customer will now need to spend £350 pounds in order to yield the same £10 discount they previously qualified for after spending £200 - a whopping great 75% increase. 

    The figure of £350 is arrived at by adding the £250 Lidl Plus qualifying spend to a further £100 spend at the "next shop" which would generate the £10 discount.  Scope does exist within the revised scheme for a larger discounts to be gained the more you spend within the "next shop" of course, but customers would find it very difficult to justify a significantly large shop to justify any significant further discount.     

    In the midst of a Cost Of Living Crisis, this is very poor show by Lidl.

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    That is a disappointment, we've only been shopping regularly in Lidl in the last year or so and our shop is about £220 with another shop in Tesco for things that Lidl don't have. I might go back to shopping less frequently, doing £350 in one month and very little the next.
  • I've never understood their rewards, I always miss them. If I've just gone to Lidl and done a big shop, what use is giving me 7 days to go back to get another £2? I'm good for a couple of weeks at least without a top up shop.

    Same with the pastries.
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