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Desperate for Help

I simply won't be able to use my oven for cooking anymore or have any heating on over the winter, after today's energy announcement.

I have a hob, slow cooker and microwave. Please help me with meal ideas. With cheap but nutritious ingredients.

I can't believe this is happening in 2022. 



  • Katiehound
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    I think the slow cooker uses very little power if you have it on low.
    good for casserole things - like lemon chicken
    yesterday they were saying that using the microwave is far cheaper than the oven

    Chicken thighs much cheaper than breasts- especially the ones with skin on & bone in. Just one bone to take out

    Remember residual heat- for example- bring poatoes to the boil then leave in pan with lid on.

    There are lots of ideas with various threads on this board, you need to have a read through.
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    Many thanks
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  • joedenise
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    Vegetable curries are cheap to make.  I make a veggie biryani by just boiling up some frozen mixed veg with some curry powder in the boiling water.  Cook basmati rice - I use 1 measure of rice to 2 measures of water.  Bring to boil and simmer for about 3 minutes then turn off the heat and leave for 10-15 minutes to steam.  Mix them together or if you want to be fancy you can line a small bowl with some of the rice; add the cooked curried veg and then cover with the rest of the rice and invert onto a plate.

    Might be worthwhile visiting your local library and getting some Asian cook books or check on line for vegetable curries - there are lots of different variations from all parts of India which are all slightly different.

    I agree with @ceb1995 about Mexican food - you can make fajitas quite cheaply - just stir fry some peppers, onions and strips of chicken; tip into a wrap (I tend to use a bit of sweet chilli sauce on the wrap).

    Jacket potatoes can be topped with all sorts of thing - one of the cheapest toppings is some baked beans.  You can cook a batch of potatoes in the slow cooker and freeze wrapped individually if you have a freezer.

    You could also check out the Jack Monroe website - for loads of cheap recipes.

    I think we're all going to be having to look for more cheap recipes.  
  • -taff
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    I love a one pan wonder chuck together and a steamer or slow cooker would also work to use just the one hob. Start with onions, add some veg, whatever you like, add whatever seasoning you like, add your carbs to the same pan with enough liquid of whatever kind to cook. Using this method you can go Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Thai, or a stew/casserole, or soup [with prizes as we used to call it which basically means a few chunks of beef or something], or some meatballs chucked in from mince [ if you squish the mince really well with whatever seasoning -onion powder is a winner instead of adding onions or spring onions - and no big chunks of stuff, you can roll into little balls and cook in the liquid] . Bulk with lentils or dal, go toindian shops for big packets of herbs and spices, baically, as long as it has some flavour or other, pretty much anything can taste good with very cheap ingredients.
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  • calleyw
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    if you make curries and stews that need long cooking then there is a thing called a hay box.  Not made one as I don't tend to make those sort of meals.  Google it to get an idea about it and how to make one and use one
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  • -taff
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    P.S. have a look at the grocery challenge threads there are a ton of recipes linked to in the first posts for some ideas for cheap meals.
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