Golf Holiday Cancelation

seven friends and myself are due to fly next Thursday to Turkey for a golf holiday .Tuesday evening we had a meeting to sort out the last few issues but unfortunately when my friend Andrew got home there was a Ambulance parked outside his house with his wife in it.
She had acute pain in her liver, the next day she had a emergency operation , she is now in the ICU unit.
obviously Andrew doesn't want to go now but none of us are quite sure of his options.
Could anyone advise on what to do.
Ian Nightingale


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    He needs to read his travel insurance policy to establish if not travelling due to illness of a spouse is covered, and if it is make a claim. Not sure what other advice might be required.
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    Most travel insurance policies will cover cancellation due to the serious illness of a spouse or other close relative so assuming his did it is a matter of contacting his insurer and making a claim for his share of the costs - or at least the costs that he won't get back if he cancels now (presumably most of them at this notice).

    The exception might be if his wife already had an underlying condition which has caused this acute episode in which case he will have to check exactly what his policy says about pre-existing conditions of non-travelling relatives. The wording of those sections basis quite a bit so there is no single correct answer.
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