Seller not receiving my messages?

I bought two pairs of an item from a seller on eBay about two weeks ago, but only one pair arrived. I sent a message about the missing pair with a photo of the package, but I didn't get a reply.
The package was tracked as delivered to me, and there doesn't seem to be a way to report an "incorrect quantity delivered" error via eBay's system, so I took the only action I had left. I left a negative feedback comment, saying that I'd only received half the order and that there was no response to my message. I was expecting that to be the end.
The next day I received a message saying that they were sorry for the missing pair, a second package was being sent, but they didn't receive my original message. I replied with thanks, I'd change the feedback once I got the other half, etc. When it arrived, I sent another message with more thanks, saying I'd revise the feedback if they sent me a revision request.
After two days, I got a new message (ie not a reply) saying that, "the tracking shows the second package was delivered. Will you change your feedback?" I said yes, again, but still nothing.
I have never had a reply from this seller to a message I sent.
My questions:
  • Is the problem on my end? My "Sent" box does contain all the messages I sent.
  • I can't edit the feedback myself, but I can add a follow-up. If I do that, will it prevent a revision later on?
  • What else can I do?
I just want this over with, aaarrrgh.


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    The seller needs to submit a feedback revision request. There is not much you can do until they do that. If you find the link to the feedback revision request in the ebay help section you could send it to them, but really it's for them to sort out.
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