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Too good to go

We have recently discovered the delights of too good to go bags win win we save some £££ and the food doesn’t get binned.We have had excellent bags from Gopuff,the coop and a local chippy.
have you had any good ones ? Please share experiences
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  • elsien
    elsien Posts: 32,973 Forumite
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    edited 21 August 2022 at 8:33AM
    There’s a thread about it on here somewhere. Here you go.
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  • t14cy_t
    t14cy_t Posts: 1,318 Forumite
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    ive never had a bad tgtg bag yet!! my favourite is our local costcutters store. always hit the jackpot there. best was £45 worth of mainly meat and cheese...£4 paid. yipee!! xx
  • bouicca21
    bouicca21 Posts: 6,522 Forumite
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    So far unimpressed because the shops involved are all a considerable distance away.  Today for the first time two local shops appeared - one an upmarket bakery (tried their bread, no better than supermarket, not as good as I make) and a breakfast bag from Prêt tomorrow morning.  Even if the Prêt bag is worth it, it will have far too much for a singleton!
  • joedenise
    joedenise Posts: 16,611 Forumite
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    We only use the Morrisons TGTG bags and we've had some good ones and some not so good ones!  We had one reserved for collection this afternoon and then this morning got an email saying it had been cancelled.  This has happened several times with them and it's quite annoying.

  • sammyjammy
    sammyjammy Posts: 7,421 Forumite
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    I stopped doing this, way too fussy and/or eating things that aren't very healthy but was tempted by an M&S one yesterday, it was £5 so on the pricier side but very disappointing.  Three chicken sandwiches and some chicken nugget things, I only eat free range chicken and I don't think even i would risk out of date chicken.  Just bad luck maybe but also didn't pay any less than the yellow stickers that they had on them.  My other supermarket buys are a full bag of food.

    Luckily I have unfussy neighbours so it wasn't wasted!
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  • Beenie
    Beenie Posts: 1,633 Forumite
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    Sorry to resurrect this thread but I don't appear to have the 'new thread' pink button.

    I've reserved and paid for a surprise bag at my local supermarket. However, I was expecting some sort of code or directions as to how to collect. Can someone explain how the system works?
  • Florafauna
    Florafauna Posts: 259 Forumite
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    Mine are nearly all Greggs locally, so I only occasionally get them as the contents are tasty but very unhealthy 
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