Confused about Council Tax and Empty Properties.

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Hi all.

I finally managed to purchase a property (will post updates to my previous threads when I can). One of the things I am looking for information on is how best to go about registering for Council Tax.
There is some Council Tax (non-dependent deduction) to pay at the current residence. The new property will be my sole residence and I will be the only occupant (so will receive single persons discount). I do not know when I would be moving into the new house due to work that may need to be carried out on the house, as well as purchasing household items.
I visited the registration page at the local council website, however, it advised not to proceed earlier than 40 days in advance. I am assuming it will be more than 40 days before I move in.
My confusion is regarding the empty property aspect of Council Tax. Is this a separate tax in addition to normal Council Tax, or is there only one type of tax to pay, either empty property tax or non-empty property tax?
The other thing which I find confusing is how various circumstances affect the amount of Council Tax I would have to pay, for example, I think if the house is furnished (have seen the list of items that constitute being ''furnished' at various websites) then it cannot be classed as 'empty', however, if it is empty, then is it correct that there may not be any tax to pay if, for example, if the roof is going to be re-covered?
What combination of circumstance would mean paying the least amount of Council Tax until I move in? It seems that you can simply choose any 'circumstances' you want, e.g. add a few items of furniture or not, etc.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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