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Hey all, I wonder if anyone could help.  We are applying for probate and have sent in the will to the probate office.  Today we received an email querying the holes down the left hand side.
It had always been held at a solicitors but before sending it off we took a copy of it for our records and then rather than putting it back into the plastic folder that it came in (hence the holes) we just put it into an envelope and posted it off to the probate office without its folder.  Should we explain this in the email we've been asked to reply to asking about the holes?  Nothing was taken out or removed from the will we just took it out of its folder.


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    random on internet here.... that's the probate office doing their job, checking that the will has not been tampered with. There is a section on the probate application which asks if anything has changed with the will since it left solicitor custody. Did you complete that?

    reply to their email ASAP explaining clearly what happened and that nothing has been removed, and include the statement that they ask for in your reply. Give it a few days, then get on the webchat and confirm that the email has been received and uploaded for someone to look at. Your case is now 'stopped' until they a) get an answer and b) look at it, and this query gives them an extra five weeks to do so. Make a note and chase again at the end of the five weeks. If nothing has happened by then, ask for the case to be escalated.

    been there with an undisturbed will but an error in their scanning department.
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