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Bankruptcy Marker Placed onto my Credit file in Error



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    I bet you have all been trolled >:)
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    Did JDW actually go to the lengths of chasing you for debt via a DCA and subsequently file for bankruptcy proceedings against you?

    This is a case which will need to have been heard in a County Court and you absolutely most certainly would have been notified about this in writing ahead of time, and it wouldn't have been a quick process for JDW whatsoever.

    Did you in fact have a Bankruptcy order filed against you by the County Court, or was there something else that JDW placed on your credit file?

    I'm not calling you a liar, but I'm quite skeptical that something like this could happen completely under the radar with the individual not having been given any advance warning by JDW's solicitors / DCA or the county court. 
    Nothing surprises me when it comes to the incompetence of financial firms and inability to input data correctly, especially with the covid and post covid era.  

    had an issue with a car finance company could not even change bank details on a mandate, the easiest of tasks caused me 3 months of hassle due to a late payment marker caused through no fault of my own.
    Mmm yes but a lender can't place a bankruptcy marker on a credit file, it can only be approved in a court, and a court wouldn't commence bankruptcy proceedings against anyone without notifying the individual of the proceedings giving them a chance to respond / resolve the issue prior to the order being granted. 
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