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Lloyds Bank have small print that says cash advance fees will be charged on credit card payments for Gov. fines and Court fees.
This may be fair BUT the fees are being charged on ALL transactions involving the Department of Justice.
For me this has included using the card to apply for PROBATE for my late wife and for visiting a the prison museum in Princetown on Dartmoor.
Both totally unjustified
I am not alone and Lloyds admit they have had hundreds of complaints and they blame the DoJ saying that all DoJ transactions are marked as FINES.
I first complained over 3 months ago for the Probate and again today for the Museum, but Lloyds say that the issue is still being investigated.
I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of customers have not complained of maybe have not even realised these charges are being wrongly made.
I feel it needs urgent action and pressure


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    If the DOJ are processing payments this way, it will apply to all cards.

    Apply pressure all you like, the government have bigger fish to fry. Maybe write to your local MP and start from there
  • It's a business decision by LBG to charge as they do.

     If you're uphappy, pay by debit card or get another credit card provider. 
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    Instead of 'investigating'  Lloyds should have changed their T&C to 'all DoJ transactions'.
    We are born naked, wet and hungry...Then things get worse. :(

    .withdrawal, NOT withdrawel ..bear with me, NOT bare with me
    .definitely, NOT definately ......separate, NOT seperate
    should have, NOT should of
    .....guaranteed, NOT guarenteed
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    Seems a bit wild to consider entry to a museum a 'fine'. I'd complain.

    Do you have online banking or the Lloyds app? If you click the museum transaction in there, on the next screen can you tell us what shows under the merchant name? This should tell us what the MCC recorded against the transaction is.
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    Lloyds Bank have small print that says cash advance fees will be charged on credit card payments for Gov. fines and Court fees.

    No, they charge it for fines, penalties, fees and costs to either the government or courts... you are misreading the term. 
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    Lloyds admit that they did not intend that probate or other payments that are not court charges, such as a museum visits, should ever have been treated as cash advances.
    The problem I think is that they did not investigate how DoJ mark their payments and ALL are apparently marked as FINES. Therefore Lloyds system treats all DoJ transactions as a FINE.
    If DoJ will not agree to have different classification for payments that are not court fees or fines then Lloyds should change their method of dealing with them.
    I am not aware of any other credit cards that apply this charge on probate payments so either others do not treat DoJ payments as cash advances or have a way of editing out payments that are not fines
    It is not reasonable to charge a cash fee on probate applications without a specific warning. Maybe its for DoJ to give a warning but they simply say they do not charge a fee for credit card payments.
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