NFU Mutual car insurance

I changed my circumstances earlier this year. I was with M&S Bank for my car insurance - fully comp, driving 30k miles per year, heavy commute on the M25 paying about £700 p.a. I then relocated to rural Oxfordshire to enter full time residential professional training and M&S said they could no longer insure me. It felt strange that they’d insure a much higher risk. I found it difficult to get quotes and ended up on the NFU website. Had a phone call with them and they completely understood my new circumstances- I’m not a 20 year old student first time living away, but a 46 year old undertaking a different form of study. My insurance, with more benefits than M&S dropped to £300. It was frustrating not getting a quote online but being able to explain my circumstances really helped. And now they have my contents insurance too. Really impressed. 

I have no gripe with M&S - I stopped being their target marker and were helpful when closing. But NFU will be my first call from now on,


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    The problem with NFU Mutual is that when you return to being in a lower risk group they will be significantly more expensive than many other insurers, so you may want to look at their premium but I'd be willing to wager a small sum that you won't stay with them for the long haul.
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    I have had two quotes from them at different times for different insurance cover and both were twice as much as others.

    My local community was insured by then for 1 million pounds.

    The hall bought a projector and screen to use in the hall.

    NFU refused to insure it as the premises were near a river.- the same river that the hall was near.

    The fact that the river was in a valley , surrounded by a flood area of sloping large fields, and then a road. The  ground the hall sat in was at the top of a slope leading up from the road.

    If the river had flooded the cinema equipment would have ben the least of their worries.

    But, because a straight line from the river to the hall was under a certain measurement,  it was no go.

    They never did explain how they could cover the hall, and the numerous crofts in the strath, some of whom were a not a couple of thousand for some equipment.

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    That’s interesting to hear both your experiences. Mine so far has been very positive but of course that may change in the future.
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    They do seem to be good at paying out. I know two people who had large claims and were very pleased with the response they got from NFU.
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    have only seen positives about NFU on this forum. too expensive for me tho!
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    NFU are constantly at the top of Which and other review sites.

    above average service does often come with a higher price.  
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