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Hi. I'm currently with plusnet but looking to switch provider. Done a comparison and can get bb with vodafone but cant keep existing number.  Also shell is saying I can only have fibre, and because of that no phone line.

Seems odd to me on both accounts - anybody else had same issue or know why this might be?


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    that's because for what they have offered they are either not using Openreach network or offering FTTP.
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    Out of my knowledge base really, but could you port your number to a VOIP service and use that with FTTP?
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    I've just done what J_B suggests. Don't ditch your existing provider until you have set up your VOIP as it takes a few days to migrate.

    A kind poster on here suggested using Sipgate. It was very easy to set up. They offered me a temporary number until my landline migrated. I had a couple of issues with Shell Broadband but that wasn't Sipgate's fault and they were quick to answer emails and were very helpful. I had to buy a box to plug into the back of my new FTTP router to connect to my existing handset, but googling and a helpful salesperson sorted that. My techy husband connected it up and we now have our original landline number completely free of charge. I think Sipgate charged £30 for the migration. I have chosen a PAYG for outgoing calls as I have free unlimited calls on my mobile. We have had it 2 months and it hasn't cost us a penny yet. HTH
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