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i read somrwhere that you can get a discount on you water bill if people living in the house have skin problems (ezema), both my wife and son have this problem but i cant find anything about it on the south west water site.
anyone out there in money saving land have any ideas.....
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I came across this, check under the MEDICO bit on page 8, think you have to be in receipt of certain benefits to get it but look through this document and you should get info you require.
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    severn trent water
    i think its only if you have a meter, then your bill will be capped, for example if you get WTC or inc sup, and other benefits, or if you have 3 or more children, or if one of the family sufferes with one of a list of specified medical conditions. It is in the 'vulnerable people' section of the leaflet i posted the link to.
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    I have done reading too!
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