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What goes on with Evri?



  • Tahlullah.HTahlullah.H Forumite
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    I have started putting What 3 Words as a footer on my address.  Surprisingly, my local couriers do us it, as the postcode covers a large area and the houses have names.
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    It's a hard job right enough and very poorly paid. I have a great deal of empathy for couriers. I can well understand why they're practically chucking parcels out of the van window as soon as they reach the designated post code. As I say, I was just a wee bit taken aback that the Evri courier made no attempt to ring/knock before scarpering.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Did he not ring/knock on the door of the house he delivered to?

    I received a parcel a couple of weeks ago which was just left on the doorstep.  I saw the courier approaching and went to the door. When I opened the door the parcel was on the doorstep and the courier was opening he van door.

    I can't remember if it was Evri or not.
  • Ebe_ScroogeEbe_Scrooge Forumite
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    custardy said:
    sheramber said:
    Quite understandable if the houses were opposite each other.

    The  postcode would only take him to the street. it would not indicate that the two sides had different addresses and postcodes.

    My last postcode used to tell you you were at your destination 9 miles before my house- the postcode covered 26 miles.

    We regularly got phone calls asking where we were.

    The courier would see a house at number 4 and deliver to it. He would not look around at other houses to see if there was another number 4..

    They get a pittance for each delivery so are not going to waste time looking around addresses when it appears he has found it.

    These couriers ... want rid of parcels as quick as possible.
    The poor delivery guy doesn't necessarily want to get rid of parcels ASAP - he's pretty much forced to by the area manager.  I did a stint working for Hermes for a while, believe me it's a hard job.  You get paid peanuts, and if you don't deliver a set number of parcels in a set time, the area manager is on your back asking why you're taking so long.
    Added to which, there's a high staff turnover.  Some drivers take pride in delivering every parcel safely, some just want to shift stuff as fast as possible - there's good and bad drivers wherever you are.

  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    My son received a notification that a parcel had been delivered but none had..

    it was delivered 2 hours later. 

    The driver explained he had run out of time to deliver it so had marked it delivered.

  • SevenOfNineSevenOfNine Forumite
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    Evri new name, same Hermes crap.

    I'd chosen a 'safe place' as I would be out from 9:30 - 10:45. Got home, no delivery & tracking says 11:28 it's on it's way.
    12:15 tracking says delivering 11:30-13:30, no show.
    15:47 tracking says courier rescheduled, delivering 17:30-19:30. I'm OK with all that as it's so hot, have sympathy with trying to wait for cooler time.
    19:21 tracking says unable to deliver, will deliver next working day.

    21:14 I get an email from the merchant saying they'd been advised by Evri that the parcel could not be delivered because no-one was home! Why would Evri feel the need to lie?  Safe place was accessible & I was at home as well from 10:45. 

    No updates today, but I suppose I'll feel lucky if they bother to deliver at all, the last time Hermes was used, semi covid rules so contactless delivery involved a photo, they swore blind they'd delivered but couldn't produce the photo, because they hadn't.

    I appreciate they work hard, paid little......which is why I rarely purchase from a merchant when I know they're using Hermes & I'll go back to that now they're called Evri.
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  • tasticztasticz Forumite
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    i can echo OP's message.

    several of my parcels have have just been left out infront of the door, no doorbell.

    i even had neighbours parcel (from cross the road) left outside my house, no doorbell at mine or neighbours and no card dropped at neighbours. i checked the tracking and it has a picture infront of my house but doors closed

    what happens if the package is stolen? who is responsible in this case?
  • SevenOfNineSevenOfNine Forumite
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    Update: 1pm tracking states delivery today 14:30-16:00. Sure enough it's been dropped off 15:30.

    I heard the vehicle & opened the door, he handed it over, the plastic bag all rolled up around the contents, & legged it back to his car faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

    I imagine whoever ripped an 8" gaping hole in the plastic hadn't wanted the size 5 sandals inside then!!! I actually took them out without having to make the opening any wider. No wonder all rolled around the contents hiding it, & high speed exit.

    To be fair, not necessarily the delivery driver though.
    Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.
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    AmberDeppAmberDepp Forumite
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    Evri can be great, or they can be completely dire, it really depends on if you have a regular delivery driver, or just a random white van man.

    Personally, I've found our local delivery driver to be fantastic, but his replacements over the weekend are not so great.

    But then again recently I've had DHL that dropped a box of perishable goods outside someone's house 500m away in the last week, when it was baking hot, and then picked it up and delivered it to me 20 mins later, as well as DPD who were going to leave my very large dog food package "behind a bush" that would in no way hide it as I live on the main road and the bush is smaller than the box was.

    COVID has given these idiots a mandate to just leave things anywhere they want, and it isn't really acceptable.
  • usernameusername Forumite
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    A new lick of paint and branding solves nothing if the underlying operational issues are not fixed.

    I have found Evri to be reliable when shipping to a collection point (such as a cornershop/supermarket) but rather less so when trying to deliver directly.
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