Advice on travel insurance for long motorhome holiday overseas

Hi there, 

The wife and I have just booked a holiday for next year and now I'm tasked with figuring out the insurance situation and I’m getting a bit lost so I thought I would ask here for advice.

Relevent info: The holiday is 4.5 weeks traveling around NZ in a motorhome. Total cost of motorhome + flights is in the region of £10k. As of now we have L&G worldwide travel insurance through our Monzo premium account.

Now for the problem(s).

1)     The excess on the motorhome (regardless of fault) is approx. £4000. The ‘car hire excess’ on the L&G policy only goes up to £3k. My questions on this front are:

  • In the event of an accident would I only have to pay the £1k shortfall or would I run into problems with it being ‘underinsured’?
  • Can I top this up with a second motorhome excess policy of £1k? Or would I need to a separate excess policy to cover the full £4k?
  • If I do need a separate policy – can someone point me in the direction of a company that would offer an excess insurance policy of up to £4k? When I look everything seems to cap out at £2-3k.

2)     The L&G policy covers ‘cancellation or curtailment’ of up to £5k. Obviously that is a significant shortfall to the cost of this holiday. With that in mind I have a similar question:

  • Can I buy a second policy for the trip for £5k to make up the shortfall? Or would I need to find a new insurance policy that covers the full amount?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers for your time


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    Can you not contact L & G and just ask them to increase the value insured and you will pay the extra charge for this?
  • Gibbons2345Gibbons2345 Forumite
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    comeandgo said:
    Can you not contact L & G and just ask them to increase the value insured and you will pay the extra charge for this?

    Honestly, it didn't even occur to me that would be a possibility since I'm not their customer, Monzo is. Certainly worth a call though to find out... cheers!

    Also as an FYI, I had a senile moment writing my post - the policy is actually with AXA not L&G.
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