Pet insurance - Can you switch lifetime insurance?

This will be my first experience with pet insurance for a puppy. I prefer lifetime insurance but despite lots of Google searches I’m not clear on the following…

1. Does lifetime insurance continue to increase annually, forever, irrespective of whether a claim has been made?

2. Is it then possible to switch lifetime insurance to another provider in order to save money and is this even possible if the dog has a chronic condition?

3. If the above is not possible, then are you technically stuck with one insurer forever who can increase the premium to whatever they like?

4. Is it best to claim for vet fees that you can’t afford or should you claim for all vet contacts?


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    1.  Yes there will be annual increases.  The amount will depend on the claim history of the insured animal.

    2.  You may be able to change insurer, but almost certainly not if the animal has a chronic condition.  That condition would either be excluded from cover or the premiums unaffordable.

    3.  Pretty much correct.

    4.  The more you claim, in theory the higher subsequent premiums, so paying bill you can afford would seem logical.
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    Just to add to points 1 and 4 above. Some insurers hoik up the price after a claim more than others so the answer is "it depends."

    I am with Petplan who say that they don't increase the premium as the direct result of any claim. Although the premium still goes up every year because my dog is getting older and vet costs generally are going up.  So I don't tend to claim for anything below the excess amount but I do claim for most things when it gets to about £30 over and above that. 
    Other cheaper insurers may look more at your claim history when deciding the premium. 
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