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Jersey advice

Hi. I'm thinking of going to Jersey for a fortnight by car/ferry in the autumn.

Any advice on where to stay etc. With a car we can stay inland, but are we then penalised if we want to come to the port towns re parking and accessibility?

 I can't find any recent advice on MSE.  Are the ferries ok at the moment, or are they caught up with all the travel chaos?

I've looked at the official Jersey website but personal advice is always much better.


  • Alan_BowenAlan_Bowen Forumite
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    Condor from Poole has had none of the issues seen in Dover, Poole has an average of 2 ferry departures a day!) but it is not the greatest in bad weather so depending on how late in autumn you plan to travel, it might be better to fly and hire a car there. I like Jersey but I wouldn't want to spend 2 weeks there, you can drive from St Helier the whole way around the island with a few stops in an afternoon so unless you have lots of ideas about shopping, very limited even in St Helier, or just sitting watching the world go by day after day, I might cut the holiday in half. 

    Parking in St Helier is relatively easy and not expensive but obviously, if you are staying in the capital you wouldn't need to use the car for the town. There is a decent bus service if you want to avoid the car altogether. Most of my visits have been for work, so I have always stayed in town and if the weather isn't great ( I was once there on October 1st when it was 30 degrees C) then there is more to do. 
  • Fen1Fen1 Forumite
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    Thank you for all the advice 👍
  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    It might be worth investigating the comparative cost of travelling without the car, generally using the bus service, and hiring a car for a few days.  From a quick look on the Condor site, there is a big saving by not taking the car (no surprise).
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Two weeks offers an opportunity for a multi island Channel Island break.
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