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After noticing a significant overcharge on a shop receipt, I decided to give my subsequent receipts a quick scan before I left the premises.
I was shocked to find the following overcharges in just a matter of days.
Iceland -  Persil Non Bio 6.5 kg.  Shelf Pricing said £14, save £1.   Shop receipt charged me £15.
Morrisons - 6 x Shredded Wheat.  Shelf Pricing said £1 each ( £6).  Shop receipt charged me £1.50 ( £7.50 ).
Savers - Gaviscon. Shelf Pricing said £7.49.  Shop receipt charged me £9.99.
In each case I requested and got the overcharge refunded ok. 
This shows that it is well worth spending a minute scanning your receipt before you leave the shop.
Rocketing prices are bad enough without additional money being filched from our pockets !
As they say ' every little helps '


  • lincroft1710
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    It sounds as if the shelf prices hadn't been updated.

    I had exactly the reverse happen to me at The Works (discount book and stationery sellers). Sticker price said  "RRP £16.99, now £6", got to the till and price came up as £4, which is what I was charged.
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  • sheramber
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    or the tills hadn't been updated.

    On one occasion we were overcharged att eh till. A supervisor ran the goods through another till and the reduced price cameu up.

    It was only the first till that was charging the old price..

    The tills were updated by head office so the store couldn't adjust it.

  • MovingForwards
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    Yesterday I used a self-scanner, an item went through at £1.70.  After I finished / packed everything went back to the shelf to check I hadn't misread a label and took a photo. I got a refund of the difference and repeated apologies from the member of staff.
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  • p00hsticks
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    JimBS said:
    Iceland -  Persil Non Bio 6.5 kg.  Shelf Pricing said £14, save £1.   Shop receipt charged me £15.

    You do need to be careful when checking the receipts though, as some supermarkets will show offers like this on the receipt by ringing the goods through at the original price and then deducting the £1 as a discount in a 'savings' section at the end just before the total
  • This happens a lot. I always check my receipt. I was recently charged for shallots instead of onions. A big price difference
  • Albermarle
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    If you have a Meal for Two Deal, best to check the receipts, as often there are items in the Meal for Two shelves that should not be there.
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    I thought it was just me!! Even though I add up values as I put stuff in the trolley, either in my head or, if a bigger shop, on my phone. 
    In ASDA last week I was overcharged £6 on a £60-ish shop, the week before it was about 50p on 2 six pint bottles of milk, and in Lidl the other day,overcharged 18p for a 6 pint bottle of milk!! 
    I used to always query tallys that were different to what I expected, lately I have been assuming it is me misreading labels. Might have to start querying again.
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