Just paid off credit card default - what next?

Hi all,

I've finally paid off a credit card default and the account has been partially settled. My credit score is obviously not great especially as I have two of these defaults aroundthe same time end 2018/beginning 2019.

I want to start building my credit. I'm a much wiser person now in my mid 30s and better with money. Is it wise to apply now for a credit building credit card straight away and pay it IN FULL every month now my debt accounts have been settled? Or do I wait? I don't want a hard search rejection on my file!


  • You can't have a hard search rejection on your file. Just a hard search.

    You could apply now or later. Set up a DD for full payment. And ignore your credit score as it has no meaning in terms of your credit worthiness.

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    Lenders do not even see your fictitious credit score, it's the history that matters.
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    @[Deleted User] @macman thank you both for the prompt reply. That's good to know. I have other accounts on my file now like EE and my utilities. So do I just carry on as normal until the 6 years are up or would you suggest getting a credit card to show some extra history between now and then? I want to apply for a mortgage when the 6 years are up.
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    If you wait until the 6 year mark, you'll have a very thin file.

    The idea is to continually build good history, as the bad history gets older. Getting a card is the easiest way of building history.

    Remember also that you don't need to wait until 6 years to get a mortgage.
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