Home insurance on a property I don't live in

I purchased a house with my mum and step-dad in 2006 as joint tenants so we each had a third of the property.  The property is now owned outright.  I lived in the house initially but moved out in 2009.

Sadly, my mum died recently leaving my step-dad the sole occupant of the house and both of us having a 50% share of the property.

I wanted to take on the home insurance policy for my step-dad, as he isn't great with finances and is worried a little about how he's going to cope financially now.  I do have concerns that he may cancel the home insurance policy.

When I spoke to the home insurance company to let them know of my mum's passing, they explained that as I don't live in the property I cannot be named on the home insurance policy or take it over for my step-dad.  He would have to be the only one named on the policy as he's the only one that lives there.

Thinking of a worst-case scenario situation; should he cancel the home insurance and the house was to burn down and damage the houses either side, would I also be liable as a 50% owner of the property, even though I've tried to insure the property under my name and can't?

All the searches I've done online only seem to produce the scenario where a homeowner doesn't live there, but lets a family member live there rent free and I would therefore need landlord insurance.  However, this is different as we both own the property.

Just wondered whether anyone has been in a similar situation, or if I should seek some legal advice.


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    Do the policy in your step-dad's name, with your email address and bank / card details.
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    Do the policy in your step-dad's name, with your email address and bank / card details.

    I did ask the home insurance company (AXA) about that when I spoke to them, and they also said the DD would need to be in the name of the policy holder.  I'm not sure why it matters to them who pays for it and whether that information was correct or not.

    In my mind, it shouldn't matter who pays for it as long as the named policy holder lives in the property.
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