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I’m wonder if some one can give me some advice my other half is car finance cleared and he  keeps getting phone calls, regarding claiming car finance or ppi threw Solicters in a no win no fee.
but after reading threw the terms I’m not sure if he should do it some thing is nigling me regarding this.
1) there was a spelling mistake 
2) is it realy worth doing with all there fees 
3) will it hinder him if he decides to get another finance car in the futer with the dealer or any other dealer for finance.
I guess if your gut or if you are trying to get advice of here then I suppose the answer is no I just want to give my other half the right advice and pros and cons any Information or advice would be much appreciated thank you in advance


  • If he has a complaint about any financial products, he can just send it to the provider himself.

    There's no need to pay anyone to post it for him.
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    PPI = no, the deadline is long gone

    Car finance = no, it's based on a lie that car dealers all deliberately inflated the interest rate given to get more commission, even if it were true that the dealer did it, how would you ever prove you could have got better finance from the firm? 

    Just block the numbers, report as spam and move on
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