No Refund For Online Purchase, Beware Dog Owners

I have a 17 year old GSD / Collie cross who has arthritis in her back legs and is dragging her claws when walking. I purchased 2 pairs of boots for her from They arrived in good time but didn't fit. I repeatedly tried to call the company for sizing advice but no one ever answers so I sent them back. They were £35 per pair and a month later they had not processed a refund. I sent emails, called again but could not get hold of anyone. Looked at Trust Pilot and Google reviews and there are many customers with the same issue. I then resorted to commenting on every post they've put on Facebook this year asking why they won't respond. They emailed me within 20 minutes of this and said I had been refunded. That was 11 days ago and the money has never been paid although the website states it's refunded. Going to report this now to Citizens Advice, my bank and have also let the manufacturer of the boots know the issue along with all dog groups I'm part of on Facebook. 


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    Is there anything your vet can do for your dog? Will dog boots really help? I feel so sorry for her. 

    Sorry I know that's not your question but could your vet offer some kind of pain relief? 

    As to your real question - I had a similar problem earlier this year with an online chemist who were happy to take my money, then advise me that the items I'd ordered were out of stock and that they had refunded me. They never did. I asked them to provide proof of payment but that never came and when I tried to contact them they were always 'busy'.

    I had paid by credit card so I contacted the credit card company, by phone (always by phone with things like this) and spoke to someone who said not to worry, she would refund the amount immediately, she could see from my statements that the payment had been made and never refunded. Then she said it was up to them, the CC company to get the money from the retailer. I don't know if they did or not but I did get a full refund.

    In my case the amount was only £18 but if every retailer did that to unsuspecting customers they'd be able to retire early - and if I was going to give money away then I'd rather it be to a charity of my own choosing, not an online chemist.

    You could try doing that, contacting the organisation you made the payment with. It worked for me and it will probably work for you, too.

    I do hope so, good luck. 
    Please note - taken from the Forum Rules and amended for my own personal use (with thanks) : It is up to you to investigate, check, double-check and check yet again before you make any decisions or take any action based on any information you glean from any of my posts. Although I do carry out careful research before posting and never intend to mislead or supply out-of-date or incorrect information, please do not rely 100% on what you are reading. Verify everything in order to protect yourself as you are responsible for any action you consequently take.
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    11working days or 7 because there are two weekends in that time span? Refunds can take several days to go through the system. Some places state 3 weeks for a refund. 
  • @MalMonroe.Thanks for your reply and the concern for my old girl.  My dog is receiving chiropractic treatment which has greatly improved her and the vet that does this suggested the boots to protect her back paws. She's otherwise healthy, still goes 4 walks a day and swims regularly so I'm just having to manage a condition.
    Yes, I'm going to get in touch with my bank. I paid by debit card so will see if they can help. Just wanted to warn people of this unscrupulous trader.

    @sheramber, it's 11 days in total but any refund should really be 3 to 5 working days after it has been processed. Regardless they still do not respond to any emails or phone messages left which is the most frustrating thing. All very unecessary as I only ever wanted advice on sizing and was otherwise happy with the product.
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    @hothook, you don't tell us much about the dog but one of the best things for elderly dogs is to get any excess weight off them.  One of ours (long gone now) used to drag her rear paws. I know she was on metacalm, had acupuncture and laser treatment which did greatly help.  I will check with Mrs O what else she may have done.

    Hopefully you get sorted.
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  • @IvanOpinion, she's not overweight and has chiro and accupuncture, lives in the country and is still fit. She is doing amazing for 17 and a half. She now has a pair of Ruff Wear boots which fit her very well, walking faster and her claws are growing back well. If you are interested in her story then she can be seen on Facebook under Pinpoint Veterinary Services, her name is Meg. However this post was really to warn other dog owners about an issue many people have had with InnerWolf. I'm absolutely livid about the situation and have had other people message me who have seen my FB post and have had the same issue, most losing more money than I have, so on a bit of a mission to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible.
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    @hothook, ours was about 16/17 (rescue dog so only a best guess - we had her for 15 years and the vet thought she was about just under 2 when we got her), though she had been suffering from arthritis for a few years. Mrs O tells me the thing that really helped was the laser treatment. If you haven't tried that consider a few sessions to see if it helps, I don't remember it being overly expensive. Glad you got the boots sorted.
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