Best way to book Alton towers for 2 days


I promised my daughter a couple of days at alton towers earlier this year (we couldn't go on all the roller-coaster we wanted when on holiday in Florida)

I have booked a nights stay at a fairly local b&b but wasn't sure on the best way to book 2 consecutive days tickets.

On the website - it looks like there is a fair discount booking 2 days in a row, but would prefer to use tesco's clubcard vouchers if possible.

Also have a number of seabrooks crisps with codes for 1\2 price entry but not sure if these could be used for 2 days.

Any suggestions gratefully received.




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    Kellogs are also doing a 2 for 1 on all Merlin attractions. If you use the 2 for 1, just do it as 2 separate bookings - you need 1 code for each booking. The Kellogs offer is one free adult ticket when you buy another (child or adult), so as the adult ticket is free it's better than 2 for 1. (Grown Ups go free offer)

    If you don't have anything to spend your clubcard vouchers on then worth using before they run out, but I suspect the 2 for 1 is the best deal. 

    They won't be checking whether you have been there 2 days in a row, so 2 single day tickets is no different to 2 days in a row as far as Alton Towers would be concerned, unless it can be booked cheaper.
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    What are the dates of your trip ? 

    There is no way to combine the different offers so it will be about working out the cheapest for the dates of your trip .

    For dates in August using your Tesco clubcard you will need to exchange £14 each for each date - so £56 of club card vouchers exchanged for £168 to spend at Alton Towers resort = 4 tickets 

    Dates in September are cheaper . You can check the prices for your dates here : 
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    Booking online its two days for £52.
    If you use a Kellogg's voucher its £32.50 per day (£65 but 2for1).

    So for two days the best deal is booking online as the second day is only £10.

    Used to be able to buy the cheap second day tickets in the park but its all online sales only now.
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    I wouldn't know whats best to book, but i hope you have fun i absolutely love alton towers, hands down one of the best theme parks i've been to in the UK.
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