Care of Tomato Plants in high temperatures

My tomatoes are planted in pots and situated in a very sunny spot.  It's predicted to be 38 - 40 degrees in my area and I won't be leaving the house!  Should I move my tomato plants into a shadier area for these days and am I OK to leave them sitting in trays of water?  Thank you.


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    My tomatoes are always in trays of water but I will open the greenhouse door.  There is no way I could move mine, they are 4 feet high and tied up to the greenhouse structure.
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    Good call! Mine have got a bit burnt in the last few days so will definitely leave the doors open for them 
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    I'd just watch them carefully. Too much water in the pot and the roots could boil.
    Perhaps errect a barrier of foil round the pots to reflect the heat from the roots. You can buy cheap shading if necessary.
    I wouldn't leave them in standing water but fill the trays each night.

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    Thank you.  (Mine aren't in a greenhouse.)  Experimented with water trays for a short period today - will check their health this morning!
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