Credit rating fallen

I have done a soft search on a couple of the recommended 0% credit cards andwas very surprised to be told I had little to no chance of getting any of them. Ove the years I've followed the MSE mantra of balance transferring and never had a problem.
I have just checked my credit score on the MSE Credit Club and was shocked to see that my Experian rating, which for many years has been 999, has now dropped to 895.
Is there any way of finding out why this has happened, or does anyone have any ideas? I turned 71 last week, don't know if that would impact. And we moved house last year. But my finances have broadly stayed the same.
I looked at the suggestions for improving the rating but none of them apply.


  • Your credit score doesn't have any relevance to lending decisions and isn't a good indication of your credit worthiness, so don't worry about the number..

    Just check that the data on all three of your files is correct. Lending criteria have tightened, so if you've been carrying debt for a long time, you may have run of road. If so, start repaying the debt to lower your risk.
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    Its a made up number, ignore it and enjoy your day.
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    Just to add, I had forgotten that when we bought our new kitchen from Wickes we got it on interest free credit for a year so there is an addiitonal £14,000 loan temporarily.
  • Your increasing debt is going to be a problem.

    Start paying as much as you can to the highest rate debt or the first one to become interest bearing. The DFW boards will help with addressing the debt and cutting costs.
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    As above - ignore the score and focus on the data (from all 3 CRAs - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). The numbers move around for many (and often no) reasons. Good news is they aren't used by lenders though so are basically meaningless and can be ignored - the underlying data is what is actually important.

    If you've been following the "mantra of balance transferring" then you'll know you should always have a plan to pay off the debt by the end of the 0% term - the next 0% card is never guaranteed, as you've found out. What was your plan to sort this?

    The things likely to be impacting your ability to get new credit are the fact you've recently move house and your levels of existing debt. Are you on the ER at your new address, and does this appear on your credit files? It also sounds like your level of debt is an issue. You'll get some better advice on addressing that aspect on the DWF board as zx says above.
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    Thank you all very much for your comments and reassurance. I am on the ER for the new house and there would be no problem payting off the existing balance transfer cards if needed thankfully. I really did wonder if it was my age.
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