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I buy a lot on vinted and get a lot of refunds from people not posting or changing their minds on how they want to post e.g postage they originally charged not enough to post. 
Anyway, I’ve just discovered in the last 2 months about £50 owing to me through refunds that vinted have said they have done, but are not in my account , and not in this “ e wallet “ that they say it’s in. I haven’t checked further than that on my refunds given so may be a lot more. I’m waiting still for a reply from them.
Has anyone else discovered this? An automated message says they are aware of refund problem and it’s going to an E wallet , which it hasn’t and this has been going on well over a month so surely with all the money they get they should have sorted it by now? 
Do you think they would give me a print out of all my refunds for me to check do you think , as I buy tonnes and their site is so difficult to go through as if you go off the page to check it goes back to the beginning again . 
Check your refunds have gone to your bank if you have had one recently 
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