M&S credit card statements online and off

I recently got an email from M&S to say that paper statements begin posted out were going to stop if I went online to my account before the middle of (I think) July.

Given that I tend to look at my accounts every week or two this seemed a bit random.  I understand the logic behind it but essentially the only way I can get these turned back on it so go online again after August and request paper statements.  Seems a bit convoluted and unnecessary - better to have the option to simply register that you want to continue at any point.

Also I have an ongoing issue with knowing how much I need to pay in any given month.  I have both purchases and a 0% BT on my card and by paying off the purchases only there is no interest to be paid.  But this isn't noted on their statements, in paper or online.  so every month I have messaged to ask them to confirm what I need to pay in addition to the DD to ensure no interest is charged.  Most months they get this right but sometimes they don't.  So having it in messages so I can refer back is very helpful.  

The problem is now that they have stopped the message function and switched to chat.  I don't mind this as long as someone is actually chatting with you - it's not as bad as others where there can be a 20 minute wait for a response.  But the problem is there is no print/copy function and no way to save what is discussed on chat.  the only solution is to do individual snips of each speech bubble which is highly tedious.  And it appears that there is no record of the chat kept by M&S so if I need to contact them again they have no knowledge/record of what has already been discussed.  

A case of a card getting just a bit worse with the passing of time.  
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